Monday, August 6, 2012


You’ll need:
  • nail polishes (for your base colour + for zigzags)
  • tea-off paper pallet
  • pinking shears
  • tweezers

1) Let’s start by making decals. Apply small amount of nail polish on the paper pallet, and let it dry (for more detailed instructions on how to make decals

 2) When the polish is completely dry (I mean, 100% completely dry), cut the dried polish with pinking shears to make a thin stip
 3) Slowly peel the polish off from the paper pallet, and your decal is ready! If the polish doesn’t peel off easily, the polish isn’t dry enough yet

4) Apply nail polish for the base-colour (I’m using L’Oreal / 101) as you normally do, then place the decals with tweezers.

5) Apply a top coat to finish off.

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