Monday, August 20, 2012

Dress for your body shape: Styling advice and tips

We all come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find clothes that are flattering for our specific body type.

And it's especially difficult to find the right dress, which can so often be a tad too fitted in one place, and too loose in another.
What shape are you?  



Rectangle — slender/slight body frame, similar width for bust, hips and waist 
RECTANGLE — create curves

Do wear

• Dresses which draw in at the waist (e.g. flared hem or peplum styles) 

• Structured shoulder detailing

• Waist-length jackets


• Low rise jeans and trousers

• Smock or drop-waist dresses - unless teamed with a waist cinching belt  

Pear — wider hips and bottom, narrow bust 
PEAR — balance out your bottom half

Do wear

• Patterned or bright tops

• Dresses with sleeves or ruffle detailing on the top

• Halter necks


• Tight-fitting skirts

• Skinny jeans  

Strawberry — wider bust, top-heavy, narrower hips and waist 
STRAWBERRY — balance out your top half

Do wear

• Full skirts (e.g. A-line, pleated or layered styles) 

• Flared or wide-leg jeans

• Statement trousers (e.g. colour block or patterned) 


• Shoulder-emphasising or detailing like shoulder pads

• Harem or tapered trouser styles

• Thin strap vests or halter necks  

Apple — rounded tummy and bigger bust, slim hips  
APPLE — create length in the body

Do wear

• Long length tops (e.g. tunics and smocks) 

• Dresses with lower necklines (e.g. wrap dresses, empire lines or V-necks) 


• Bolero or above-the-waist jackets

• Thick waist bands 

• Pleated or tiered skirts  

Hourglass — wider bust and hips, narrower waist 
HOURGLASS — emphasise that waist

Do wear

• Dresses which are fitted (e.g. wrap-around) or have vertical panelled detailing

• A waist-cinching belt

• Longer jackets and blazers which nip in at the waist, or can be belted


• Baggy, unfitted dresses (e.g. loose shifts) 

• All-over pattern – unless the item nips in at the waist  


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