Tutorial: Colour Max Eyeshadow Palette – Northern Lights

FOA have recently released 3 amazing new Colour Max Eye Shadow Palettes  *squeal*.. one of which I’ll be using in this tutorial. Now I can’t take credit for this look – because these palettes also come with step by step instructions (on the back) on how to create a look from the 4 shades you’re given.

The one that I’m showing you today is from the Northern Lights Palette.
The instructions on the back read as follows:

Step 1. Apply ‘A’ (top left of palette) from lid to brow bone as base.
Step 2. Apply ‘C’ (bottom left of palette) all over eye lid and accent with ‘B’ (top right of palette) in crease.
Step 3. Emphasise upper and lower lash line with ‘D’ (bottom right of palette).
Step 4. Highlight inner corner of eye with ‘A’ (top left of palette)
To then complete this look I’m also wearing Glamorous Lashes Mascara in Black , Blushin Primrose and Lip Quench Lipstick in Pink Champagne

And just because she wouldn’t leave me alone for this shoot, here’s my new baby girl ‘Sachi’ :)