Thursday, July 12, 2012


Most of women avoid the use of bright colors in a dressing in order to not too look excessive. But in fact, you can also look more beautiful and feminine in bright colors. You should not hesitate to wear bright colors such as yellow for casual or even formal occasions. You can see in the picture below ;
Yellow colored pants can make you look more stylish for formal ocassions. The key is, you should combine it formal tops like ivory colored blazer. As in the second picture, we can see that a yellow colored strapless dress that can make you look feminine also perfect for formal occasions like the cocktail party or dinner. For footwear, flat shoes would be a good options since it’s very comfortable on your legs.
Want to look more feminine in yellow ?? It’s easy.. the picture above shows you how to do it.. you can use yellow colored pleated skirt and combine it with lace blouse or tops. You can wear it when you are shopping or just hanging out with your friends… This is a good example especially for the summer and you can make your days brighter with it.

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