Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sparkle with the Top 6 Must-have Jewellery Pieces by Swarovski for Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013

Swarovski launched a new collection of jewellery for fall/winter 2012-2013. This ornate collection, inspired by dominant jewellery styles in Asia, is named “Kingdom of Jewels.” French actress and Swarovski’s campaign ambassador for this collection, Bérénice Marlohe, dazzles her way through in these jewels, inspiring you to look a million bucks this fall/winter.
The pieces in Swarovski’s collection are crafted to form unusual shapes with magnificent crystals, giving the jewellery a modern feel. Let us take a sneak peek into the Kingdom of Jewels that will set a trend in fall/winter 2012-2013.

1) Singapour Necklace
Swarovski’s fall/winter 2012-2013 collection brings this exquisite piece named the Singapour necklace in which strands of golden chains are woven together, forming a rigid lacework pattern. Multicoloured crystals, with tassels at the end complete this elegant piece.
You can double up the usage of this unique piece and wear it as a stylish belt or you can complement this piece with ruby crystal earrings. The multi-coloured crystal tassels make this piece a perfect match to wear with that sexy backless outfit.
 2) Story Bangle
The story bangle makes a bold fashion statement with the octagonal red ruby embedded in it. Tiny multi-coloured crystals are scattered across the smooth black surface of the bangle, on each side of the ruby to give it a “bling” look. A gold filigree pattern runs through the other side of the bangle, adding to its elegant appeal.
 3) Sissy Earrings
Plated in gold and silver metal, the sissy earrings by Swarovski are perfect to add a vintage touch to your look. Embedded with tiny multi-coloured crystals, these earrings are shaped to form an elegant flower giving you a feminine spark.
 4) Sienna Ring
The Sienna Ring is studded with diamonds against a black tone, bringing out the spark contained by the diamonds embedded in it. This piece for fall/winter 2012 – 2013 is literally one “rocking” piece, giving you a striking look suitable for first impressions. For an added impact, the matching pendant is a must-wear.
This trendy piece by Swarovski has a modern look and feel to it. Plated with ruthenium, the crystals in this piece glitter in vibrant colours of fuchsia and jet along with tones of grey. Crafted to make you feel seductive and fashionable, this piece is a must have to go with your evening wear.
 6) Style Bangle

This edgy and striking piece by Swarovski, made entirely of steel, is perfect to take to the streets for a rough yet tasteful look. A conspicuous rectangular crystal is surrounded by metallic spikes jetting out of the surface to create a three dimensional feel. Add a zing to your causal outfits with this bangle. Style bangle is sure to make you the hot favourite topic at a party.
 The Kingdom of Jewels Collection by Swarovski for fall/winter 2012–13, consists of large and elaborate pieces custom made for the strong and confident woman in you. Though the pieces are not sparkling bright like the stars in the sky, they are sure to make you look a star.
Bring the glam of the runway to your wardrobe with this fabulous collection by Swarovski and stand out against a dull winter background.

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