Thursday, November 22, 2012

11 Tips to Take Care of Your Pretty Lips & Enhance Your Lip Make Up

6 Tips To Enhance Your Lip Make Up?
1. Enhancing your lip make up begins with a very simple step of choosing the right products. If you want a matt look, choose a matt lipstick and if you want a glossy look, go for a glossy one. It is also very important that you choose the right shade of lipstick to suit your skin tone. What looks great on someone else may not necessarily look good on you. Water proof and long lasting lipsticks and lip glosses are a good choice if you need to be on your toes for hours.
2. Lips and eyes are very appealing parts of your face, hence, it is your lips and eyes that people notice first. This makes it very important for your eye make-up to match that of your lips. Combining too many loud colours such as blue or green eye shadow with hot pink lipstick will be a recipe for disaster.
3. If you want a perfect pout, it is important that you define your lips well with a lip liner. While choosing a lip liner, make sure that it is two tones darker than the shade of your lipstick.
4. If you are disappointed with thin lips, you can make your lips appear fuller by lining your lips just a little outside your natural lip line. Then you can use your lipstick or lip gloss to fill colour inside the outline.
5. It is true that outlined lips stand out perfectly on your face as compared to those that aren’t lined, however, ensure that you do not mismatch the colours of your lip-stick/lip-gloss and lip liner.
6. Using glossy lipsticks make your lips appear fuller than matt lipsticks. You can switch to glossy lip sticks and lip gloss or you can simply dab some transparent lip gloss over a coat of coloured matt lipsticks to add volume to your lips and to prevent a creasy look.
5 Tips for a good lip care routine
Just like your eyes, your lips highlight emotion on the face. Luscious lips express a woman’s sexuality. It is therefore important for every woman to take good care of her lips.
1. Just like it is necessary for you to choose the right make-up products to enhance your lips, you should choose the right lip care products like lip moisturizers or balms. Moisturizers or balms containing glycerine are essential for healthy looking lips. Apply a moisturizer / balm to prevent your lips from cracking especially during the chilly winter months.
 2. If you’ve developed cracks on your lips, resist the urge to peel off the upper layer of skin from the lips and you will do yourself good.
3. Never sleep with make up. If you want your lips to stay fabulous, use a make up remover to take off all traces of lipstick from your lips. Let your lips breath while you sleep.
4. As friendly and generous as you may be, never share your make up items, especially lip make up products with others. It is a matter of hygiene and personal care.
5. It is important to take care of your make up items in order to look fabulous. Applying gloss using a gloss brush on top of a coloured matt lipstick gets colour on to the gloss brush. Always wipe the tip of your brush before inserting it back into the vial containing gloss.
Following the above lip care routine is a great way to ensure that your lips will always stay luscious and healthy.

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