Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Douglas Hannantr Fall/ Winter 2012/2013

Douglas Hannant’s collection was a great inspiration for me on how to make a perfect Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 wardrobe. I really like the color palette which is not limited to black and brown only but also includes such amazing hues as deep violet and plum, red and burgundy. There are few lovely dark green and blue pieces as well those which fit into the range perfectly.
Speaking about the Douglas Hannant’s designs I can mention the maxi lanquid silhouettes of evening gowns, some with long splits on the leg, cutouts or even lace insets; stylish and demure sheath dresses which come both monotone and color-clocked, and interesting blouses with huge bows at the neck. These were all fantastic!
A few things disappointed though. The shoes, first of all. Maybe it’s just me but they looked awful – not sexy or sophisticated, and the color is unattractive either. Second, the wool coat with a wide collar – not the best item Douglas Hannant ever created. And the last and the most frustrating is the pair of super-wide camel-toned pants which somehow resembled a skirt and was a bit short to hit the right length.

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