Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guerlain Make-up Trends and Style Spring Summer 2012 2013

Beautiful pink color is central to the Guerlain makeup spring 2012 2013. Besides that all the pink this collection strikes right away, there are many more make-up products that really stand out.
There is a great eyeshadow palette with 6 different colors, wrapped in a nice box along with a mirror. There are also the Rouge G lipsticks, this time with a shiny black box. The Guerlain makeup for spring 2012 2013 is anything but boring and has many different shades of pink.

Meteorites Pressed Powder Compact is the name of the compact powders in the spring collection by Guerlain. These powders are available in matte colors Complexion beige, pink and Complexion Teint dore. All nude colors such powders should be.

These G Guerlain Blush is a beautiful color combination. The colors in this box are pearly pink, fuchsia pink, light pink and orange. I think it’s a beautiful blush and this is mainly due to the good combination of colors and light shine.

This silver shadow box is not just 6 colors, but also a mirror. The eyeshadow palette is named Precious Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette comes in the color and Rue de Rivoli. The rose that is central to this collection alternated with other, even dark colors. There are two very bright colors, a nude color and even a deep purple color dark brown.

Find 6 different colors eyeshadow over the top, there is also plenty of choice for you. For in the spring 2011 collections of Guerlain are also boxes with a single eye shadow color. The Ombre Eclat comes in one color is white, namely L’Instant d’une Etreinte, in L’Instant d’une Ondee gray and brown in the L’Instant d’une Soupir.

The G Series Noire Rouge is the name of the lipsticks from the Guerlain collection. In a black lacquer box lipsticks are packaged in four different colors. The lipstick that you see here are the Orange and Euphorique Sensuel Rouge.

The other two colors of the G Series Noire Rouge lipsticks are two pink colors. Fuchsia Delice, as the name implies, a fuchsia pink. Then there is the beautiful pink Rose Desir.

Of course, a gloss for the lips not missing from the Guerlain collection for this spring. The Kiss Kiss Gloss comes in three colors pink. There are the shiny Moka Shake the Frizzy Rosy Mango and Plum.

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