Thursday, August 2, 2012

Useful Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss

Useful Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss
Hair loss is the excessive hair fall, which leads to thin hair. Although seasonal changes affect this a lot, there are also certain factors, such as chemical based hair products, hormonal imbalance, prolonged use of birth control pills, chemotherapy and wrong eating habits, which boost hair loss. In order to prevent hair loss and get healthy looking hair, skim through these useful beauty tips on how to prevent hair loss and regain your gorgeous locks in a short period of time.

Keep a Healthy Diet
Actually what you eat affects not only your body, but also hair. A healthy and balanced diet including dietary supplements and other nutrients is the best trick to prevent hair loss. Include foods rich in protein in your daily diet plan, as it helps your hair grow quickly. Calcium and vitamins are also known for their properties to boost the hair growth. It’s also important to keep yourself properly hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day.
Avoid Use of Harsh Chemical Based Hair Products
Excessive use of chemical based hair products leads to excessive hair fall. Such products also affect the scalp, ripping off the moisture and natural oils. Excessive use of blow drying on high heat is also dangerous for your hair. This will not only make your hair become dry and unflattering, but also will make your hair fall. Limit the use of such products and equipments. Pay attention to your hair type, while choosing some hair products for you. If you have doubts, consult a dermatologist.
Go for Regular Massage Sessions and Health Checkups
It’s important to go for annual checkups with an emphasis on blood tests to check hormonal and nutrient vitals. This way you’ll discover the reason of your hair fall and prevent it quickly. Regular oil massages on the scalp also helps getting strong and healthy hair. Besides being extremely relaxing, this trick also boosts the growth of your hair.
As you see, preventing hair loss isn’t something difficult. Just follow these precious three steps and get gorgeous locks.

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